Two months ago, we purchased a robot called the temi 3 (available here). This robot features […]
Acknowledgements This project is a collaboration between the Center for Applied AI and the following researchers: […]
In 2020, Kentucky had the third-largest drug overdose fatality rate in the United States, and 81% […]
In 2021, our team started development of a LoRaWAN network (see link) to cover the University […]
In early April 2023, Meta AI released Segment Anything (SAM), an machine-learning based segmentation model. The […]
We developed a program that visualizes the raw input data and ML-based smell detection analysis of […]
Clinicians often produce large amounts of data, from patient metrics to drug component analysis. Classical statistical […]
  Segment Anything is a segmentation algorithm created by Meta Research. In order to try and […]
We developed an AI model for detection of ultrasound image adequacy and positivity for FAST exam […]
Blockchain technology is a still emerging field that is seeing increased usage beyond its conception in […]