The University of Kentucky Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBI) facilitates data-intensive, multidisciplinary team science across our campus research community, in Kentucky, and beyond. In 2020, the IBI Innovation Core was formed to promote the innovative use of technology in support of translational science. A year later, in July of 2021, the College of Medicine funded the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Alliance, to further promote the application of AI across medical domains. The center for Applied Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) was formed to continue and expand our innovation and AI efforts, combining Innovation Core and AIM efforts. Activities:
  • Rapidly identify, prototype, and apply technological advancements to research and translational science.
  • Eliminate computational complexity and scale as a barrier to research advancement.
  • Develop templated modules and pipelines for the repeatable and verifiable use of AI across research domains.
  • Function as a research technology bridge between fundamental science, engineering, and medical departments and colleges.