Abstract: This paper presents techniques for the description and management of distributed streaming data applications. The […]
100G Ethernet testing for new cluster. More to come…
AVS Prototype using a Raspberry Pi and the Conexant 2-Mic Development Kit Starting work on our […]
ABSTRACT For a growing number of data-intensive research projects spanning a wide range of disciplines, high-speed […]
ABSTRACT Network infrastructure at University campuses is complex and sophisticated, often supporting a mix of enterprise, […]
ABSTRACT This project will create a big data cloud infrastructure, the Kentucky Research Informatics Cloud (KyRIC), […]
Edge Computing Edge Computing is the migration of computational functionality to sources of data generation. The […]
https://github.com/ResearchWorx/Cresco-GObjectIngestion-Plugin 0 forks. 0 stars. 4 open issues. Recent commits: Update README.md, GitHub Merge pull request […]
Abstract: The Constellation framework is designed for process automation, secure workload distribution, and performance optimization for […]