Abstract – Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) is an emerging technology that uses low-cost, low-energy intermediate gateways between a central network and end devices. Starting in 2009, LoRaWAN has gained popularity and has been deployed in many environments including agriculture, healthcare, and cities. With the tremendous amount of data that is being generated today, LoRaWAN can distribute network traffic and manage networks efficiently by converting radio frequency (RF) packets from various sensors to internet protocol (IP) packets bidirectionally. LoRaWAN has already proven to be a beneficial resource when managing data and providing a low-cost alternative to conventional network computations.

Link: LoRaWan Project Specification

As of December 2021, this LoRaWAN Network is operational with the devices described in the project specification document above and more testing with different devices will take place in the coming months.
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