• Kristen Hankins

    Kristen Hankins is a Project Specialist with an academic foundation in the arts. Earning a Master's degree in Art History, with a thesis concentrated on the impact of André Breton’s French Surrealism on American animation and film, Kristen offers a unique perspective. Before pursuing graduate studies, Kristen obtained a Bachelor's degree in Arts Administration, complemented by minors in Art History and Music Theory/History. This multidisciplinary education allows the development of a comprehensive understanding of curation and management skills that are transferrable within all fields. As a Project Specialist, Kristen excels in facilitating effective communication within complex experimental initiatives, navigating uncertainties, understanding the dynamic needs of each project to efficiently allocate resources, and cultivating a collaborative environment that drives ingenuity. By continuing to share passions and insights to explore the cultural influences that have molded our creative and technical fields, actively contributing to the future landscape of AI innovation and practice is essential.

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