Community Asset Registry for the Empowerment of Kentucky (CARE-KY) provides a repository of free or reduced-cost programs that can help to meet residents’ needs with things like food, housing, transportation, utilities, family and community support, and personal safety. CARE-KY was developed in collaboration with the Kentucky Consortium for Accountable Health Communities project. We connect residents of all 120 counties in Kentucky to the community resources they need.

CARE-KY is multi-platform application is available as web app, and available on the iOS and Android app stores. Currently the platform is being redesigning to provide:

  1. Clear, concise
  2. Mobile-friendly
  3. Streamlined search
  4. Space for featuring important resources.

In addition, the goal is to improve and streamline the search feature:

  1. Concise search parameters
  2. Viewable on a map
  3. Easy paging